Bookshop News!

The Future of a Physical Bookshop in Wood Green(ish)
Tuesday 29th January –  from 6.30pm
In the Big Green Bookshop

After the announcement of the closure of the Big Green Bookshop in order to take the business online, I have been talking to a lot of people about the forming of a Co-operative to found an even more community based book shop within the area.
This is a meeting to decide the next steps.
The topics I would most like to discuss are;

  • Financing the project. Investments, grants and fund raising
  • Premises. I hope to lay out – in general terms – what I feel we need in a physical shop
  • People skills and volunteers.
  • Spreading the word. The more people shouting, the louder the shout

If we have time we will discuss any other matters.
I don’t know how many people will attend this meeting, so please arrive as close to 6.30 as you can.
If you are interested in the project, but cannot attend the meeting please send an email to

It is possible that this will be the last newsletter from the physical Big Green Bookshop. If it is, you might want to save it somewhere safe, in case it becomes valuable in time.

See you all soon

Tim, Simon, Carmel, Katie, & Fig

An update on The Plan™

January marches on, and the closing day for the Big Green Bookshop Wood Green Shop draws ever closer. But let us not be downhearted, for Tim’s plans to open a new book shop in the area takes a baby step forward.
Yes, the initial meeting between me (Tim) and the local publisher to set up a cooperative, was positive (He probably won’t mind me telling you who he is, but I haven’t asked his permission yet)
In the meantime there is one thing you may be able to help with. There are some things from the shop I would like to keep until we open a new shop, but I don’t have any storage space. So if anyone has a garage, shed or lockup I could borrow…..?

If you want to keep in touch, please send me an email to (please note this is a temporary email address until we decide the name of the shop, and get a website set up)

Answers from Tim

It’s another new day, and in the post-apocalyptic days of the new year, Tim stands guard in his little guard box at the Big Green bookshop. Protecting Wood Green and its surrounding pockets of civilisation against illiteracy and the lack-prose intolerant. The big thought at the forefront of his mind is “How many times today will I be asked ‘So Tim, what happens next?’”

The Big Green Bookshop is closing, and this was something Tim didn’t want, but the inevitable nature of… nature…has led to his business partner Simon migrating to the seaside, attracted by the calls of seagulls, and passing ocean liners. Tim has been fielding these questions for days.

So, welcome to the WG Bookshop Project. Here we’re going to try and help folks understand what’s going on.

What’s happening?

The Physical bookshop is closing!

What? Why?

Simon and his family have moved away. A commute to North London from Hastings is a little much!

The Online entity will continue on through the web page, twitter, and the online store. Simon will manage these, and Tim will go on to other projects!

Other Projects?

Yes! Tim is in the process of forming a co-operative to run an all new community led bookshop! He wants to stay local, and wants a community space where events can take place! He’s open to offers of volunteer help from everyone! Whether its teaching cats to speak French, hosting board game events, Writing clubs, whatever! Tim would love to hear from you!

How do I contact Tim?

Tim has a new email!, he’s also now on twitter! @teach_Tim.  He’s working this all out as he goes along! So bear with him!

How Can I stay up to date on all of these developments?

That’s easy! Keep an eye here! Or sign up for the newsletter! is a temporary web address (community friends helping out!) but as soon as the new bookshop name is sorted, it’ll move on over there!

There, Hopefully Tim will rest easier now, knowing that the questions will be lessened…

Of course, there’s always the few folk that don’t use the internet! But they may already be beyond help!

(But, tell your friends!)