All Good Bookshop – The Name

Well, the response to the name All Good Bookshop has been overwhelmingly positive. “Bloody Genius Name” says one supporter.

However, there were one or two people who didn’t like it, and – although this won’t change the outcome – I would like to address those peoples’ concerns. (I will intersperse these with some of the positives) And I know it won’t change those people’s opinions, but I want you to know I took everybody’s comments on board

  1. The shop should include a geographical location; i.e. Wood Green Bookshop. At this moment in time, we don’t know exactly where we’ll be located. So, calling ourselves Wood Green, and ending up in West Green or Turnpike Lane or elsewhere will only lead to confusion (I think it’s a great name simple to remember and at the same time serves as a brand name at a local level. Says a supporter)
  2. As the Big Green Bookshop is an established name, you should consider a name on the same theme; i.e. The Still Green Bookshop. The Big Green Bookshop will still exist online. This is an entirely new project, and – as such – needs an entirely new name to get behind (I love the name! The bookshop equivalent of REM’s album called Eponymous. – another supporter)
  3. The name All Good Bookshop sounds religious. This may be true, and I don’t really have an argument. As I said before I am not trying to change people’s opinions. So, in the unedited words of one more supporter (In haste – (supposed to be working) I think ‘ All Good Bookshop’ great name. having worked for 7 years for a Bookshop called Reading Matters – which most people didn’t get, I think a simple name is good)
  4. To those who questioned the name on grammatical basis. If you adjust the name you lose the joke. E.g. A Good Bookshop or All Good Books are both good names, but do not appear at the bottom of book posters. (For what it’s worth I reckon your suggested name is a winner – yet another supporter)

Choosing a name is always harder than you think. My wife and I took months to name our first son, but when we did choose, it just sounded right. And that’s what happened to me when I thought of All Good Bookshop. Not everyone will agree, but hopefully you won’t hold that against us.

Now, designing a logo should be as easy as A.G.B!