An update on The Plan™

January marches on, and the closing day for the Big Green Bookshop Wood Green Shop draws ever closer. But let us not be downhearted, for Tim’s plans to open a new book shop in the area takes a baby step forward.
Yes, the initial meeting between me (Tim) and the local publisher to set up a cooperative, was positive (He probably won’t mind me telling you who he is, but I haven’t asked his permission yet)
In the meantime there is one thing you may be able to help with. There are some things from the shop I would like to keep until we open a new shop, but I don’t have any storage space. So if anyone has a garage, shed or lockup I could borrow…..?

If you want to keep in touch, please send me an email to (please note this is a temporary email address until we decide the name of the shop, and get a website set up)