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New email went out to subscribers today: Check it out.

All Good Bookshop – The Name

Well, the response to the name All Good Bookshop has been overwhelmingly positive. “Bloody Genius Name” says one supporter.

However, there were one or two people who didn’t like it, and – although this won’t change the outcome – I would like to address those peoples’ concerns. (I will intersperse these with some of the positives) And I know it won’t change those people’s opinions, but I want you to know I took everybody’s comments on board

  1. The shop should include a geographical location; i.e. Wood Green Bookshop. At this moment in time, we don’t know exactly where we’ll be located. So, calling ourselves Wood Green, and ending up in West Green or Turnpike Lane or elsewhere will only lead to confusion (I think it’s a great name simple to remember and at the same time serves as a brand name at a local level. Says a supporter)
  2. As the Big Green Bookshop is an established name, you should consider a name on the same theme; i.e. The Still Green Bookshop. The Big Green Bookshop will still exist online. This is an entirely new project, and – as such – needs an entirely new name to get behind (I love the name! The bookshop equivalent of REM’s album called Eponymous. – another supporter)
  3. The name All Good Bookshop sounds religious. This may be true, and I don’t really have an argument. As I said before I am not trying to change people’s opinions. So, in the unedited words of one more supporter (In haste – (supposed to be working) I think ‘ All Good Bookshop’ great name. having worked for 7 years for a Bookshop called Reading Matters – which most people didn’t get, I think a simple name is good)
  4. To those who questioned the name on grammatical basis. If you adjust the name you lose the joke. E.g. A Good Bookshop or All Good Books are both good names, but do not appear at the bottom of book posters. (For what it’s worth I reckon your suggested name is a winner – yet another supporter)

Choosing a name is always harder than you think. My wife and I took months to name our first son, but when we did choose, it just sounded right. And that’s what happened to me when I thought of All Good Bookshop. Not everyone will agree, but hopefully you won’t hold that against us.

Now, designing a logo should be as easy as A.G.B!

Hello, and welcome to the second Wood Green Bookshop Project Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to the second Wood Green Bookshop Project Newsletter

I, Tim, am currently writing this in pain, as I managed to knacker my back while putting shelves into storage (Huge thanks to Wolves Lane Centre for letting me store the stuff). I am taking painkillers and it is hopefully improving. I’m a bit sore, but I hide it well.

Last time I promised to report on the open meeting about the future of a physical bookshop in Wood Green which took place on 29th January. The response was brilliant, with over 50 people attending. We covered quite a bit of ground in one and a half hours and our next step is to have a gathering of our working groups on the 28th Feb (location TBA) so we can discuss progress. We will have another, larger, meeting in March.

New Name – New Website

Firstly though, you may remember that I put out a suggestion for a name for our new venture in the last newsletter. This was The All Good Bookshop and I asked anybody with a strong objection to let me know by February 11th. I’ve had a lot of responses in now and the overwhelming majority like The All Good Bookshop as a name.
So I am proud to announce that the name of the shop is

The All Good Bookshop  

There will be a blog piece coming soon about the name over at our sparkly new website, courtesy of Carole McNally and Casper Creedy:

A New Cooperative

I, Tim, handed out forms (and these have also been available online) at the last meeting for people to declare whether they could donate time, money, expertise and/or any other skills. The results have now been collated into a spreadsheet.
If you weren’t at the meeting, our plan is for a cooperative membership to democratically run the business. Becoming a ‘member’ could be based on investment of any of the following:

1. Money
2. Expertise
3. Time

We will be setting up a group to look into business models as well as issues of governance. This group will also be seeking advice from organisations such as Cooperatives UK and Haringey Council’s cooperative champion.

What we need

What would we need in terms of a new cooperative?

We’ll need space for a small physical bookshop – at least 10 bays (sets of bookshelves) to start with, along with a separate space for events in the daytime and evening and even, possibly, a café.

Obviously, we are nowhere near finding premises. But we would need to be on or near a high street in order to catch passing trade. Wood Green would be the preferred area – say within a half mile radius of the Big Green Bookshop – but Turnpike Lane, West Green or the top of Green Lanes could also be considered.

Successful aspects of the old bookshop, for instance taking sales by phone or through social media, would be part of any new cooperative venture and, of course, a new bookshop would seek to build relationships with schools as ‘Big Green’ had in the past.

In terms of costs, a bookshop would need £3/4000 a month for rent. Landlords require three months in advance and with business rates at around £1000 a month you need a minimum of £21,000 to open the door, leading to a conservative estimate of £45,000 to start up and cover the first 3 months (without fixtures and fittings). Various ways of attracting funding are being considered including a crowdfunding campaign. (Any ideas on the funding front welcome by the way.)

Next Updates

As above, we’ll be forming working groups (this process has already started) and setting up a public meeting in March to report back on progress. If you offered to help, we may be in touch soon.
Finally, a reminder to everybody: the new website for the project is There’s a forum there too, if you want to raise ideas/chat about things. You can email me at You can also search for Wood Green Bookshop Co-Operative Project or All Good Bookshop on Facebook.

I, Tim, will also sporadically and begrudgingly tweet under the handle @teach_tim so follow me for random tweets and updates.

If you do not wish to continue to receive news concerning a physical bookshop in the Wood Green area, please take this opportunity to unsubscribe now (see the bottom of this email).

Thank you for taking the time to read this and caring about a bookshop in the area. I’m off to have some tea and painkillers.


First Wood Green Bookshop Project Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to the first Wood Green Bookshop Project Newsletter

Firstly, to comply with GDPR. I must inform you that I took your emails from the Big Green Bookshop Newsletter list. So if you do not wish to receive news concerning a physical bookshop in the Wood Green area, please take this opportunity to unsubscribe now. (see the bottom of this email)

Secondly, I will report fully on the meeting to decide the future of a physical bookshop, at a later date. I will, however, just say that it was positive, and very heartening to see so many people take time to support the project. We have – tentatively – planned a second meeting for the 28th Feb (location TBA)

Thirdly (and here’s the real reason for the newsletter)…

Choosing the right name.

As the quest for a bricks and mortar book shop in the Wood Green area continues, I want to talk about what I feel is the most important next step in this process. Some of you might not consider it as crucial as a business plan or co-op constitution, but I believe that settling on the name of our new venture is vitally important at this stage.

Having a name will give us a bit of a lift, give us something to rally round, will enable us to have clearer conversations about the project and allow us to spread the word more widely in a professional way. With a good name we can start several things before we even have a company established; we can have a website; a social media presence; a newsletter; a paypal account; and even run a competition or two. We can get a new logo designed that will tie everything together – even the serious stuff looks more professional with name at the top of the page.

My suggestion is ‘All Good Bookshop‘. It’s simple, has a rhythm and is easy to remember. It’s also traditionally at the bottom of every piece of book advertising:  Available from W*********’* and All Good Bookshop(s), which can’t hurt our cause!

If anybody has a strong objection to this name, let me know by February 11th. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

An update on The Plan™

January marches on, and the closing day for the Big Green Bookshop Wood Green Shop draws ever closer. But let us not be downhearted, for Tim’s plans to open a new book shop in the area takes a baby step forward.
Yes, the initial meeting between me (Tim) and the local publisher to set up a cooperative, was positive (He probably won’t mind me telling you who he is, but I haven’t asked his permission yet)
In the meantime there is one thing you may be able to help with. There are some things from the shop I would like to keep until we open a new shop, but I don’t have any storage space. So if anyone has a garage, shed or lockup I could borrow…..?

If you want to keep in touch, please send me an email to (please note this is a temporary email address until we decide the name of the shop, and get a website set up)