First Wood Green Bookshop Project Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to the first Wood Green Bookshop Project Newsletter

Firstly, to comply with GDPR. I must inform you that I took your emails from the Big Green Bookshop Newsletter list. So if you do not wish to receive news concerning a physical bookshop in the Wood Green area, please take this opportunity to unsubscribe now. (see the bottom of this email)

Secondly, I will report fully on the meeting to decide the future of a physical bookshop, at a later date. I will, however, just say that it was positive, and very heartening to see so many people take time to support the project. We have – tentatively – planned a second meeting for the 28th Feb (location TBA)

Thirdly (and here’s the real reason for the newsletter)…

Choosing the right name.

As the quest for a bricks and mortar book shop in the Wood Green area continues, I want to talk about what I feel is the most important next step in this process. Some of you might not consider it as crucial as a business plan or co-op constitution, but I believe that settling on the name of our new venture is vitally important at this stage.

Having a name will give us a bit of a lift, give us something to rally round, will enable us to have clearer conversations about the project and allow us to spread the word more widely in a professional way. With a good name we can start several things before we even have a company established; we can have a website; a social media presence; a newsletter; a paypal account; and even run a competition or two. We can get a new logo designed that will tie everything together – even the serious stuff looks more professional with name at the top of the page.

My suggestion is ‘All Good Bookshop‘. It’s simple, has a rhythm and is easy to remember. It’s also traditionally at the bottom of every piece of book advertising:  Available from W*********’* and All Good Bookshop(s), which can’t hurt our cause!

If anybody has a strong objection to this name, let me know by February 11th. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this